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The Foundation for Public Health, Education, and Development (FPHED) is a grassroots non-profit, public charitable Trust. FPHED is committed to working for the communities’ welfare and overall development of the communities of the Bahraich District.

FPHED is planning to work on a number of fronts, and education is one its primary concern. As a part of FPHED Trust, GSL provides a high quality education to young people. GSL’s location provides students a unique opportunity to learn in a peaceful environment conducive to concentration, creativity, learning and growing.

FPHED is planning to develop other centers near GSL campus including-

  • Global Center for Health Initiatives (GCHI)
  • Global Center for Cross Cultural Studies and South Asian Languages (GCC-CSSAL)
  • Global Center for Agro-Transformation and Development (GCAD)
  • Global Center for Equal Opportunities and Inclusion (GCEOI)
  • Global Center for Youth Resources (GCYR)
  • Global research Center for Policy and Advocacy (GRCPA)
  • Global Sports Academy (GSA)
Date of Admission
The admission will start from Mar 28th-31st 2016, for students from Nursery to 8th standard.
Entrance Exams
will be held on March, 20th 2016, for students from Nursery to 8th standard.
Prospectus with Application
available from February 20th 2016, for students from Nursery to 8th standard.
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