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At GSL, your children will learn from expert teaching staff. GSL’s staff strives to meet your children’s educational needs in a creative, disciplined, and skilled manner. An education at GSL means that your children will distinguish themselves with a high quality, original education blending tradition and modernity.

GSL draws on a vast network of experts, institutions, and organizations, which facilitate quality education across the globe. While attending GSL, students have the opportunities to participate in organized sports and social, cultural, and philanthropic activities.

Gender & Equality

GSL is committed to equitable education. With our outward international attitude we believe in the capacity of all children to learn and their basic right to education. And with our local awareness, we realize that state of girls’ education in the Bahraich district is particularly a pressing concern. GSL makes a proactive effort to encourage girls to participate in their academics, sports, debates and any other extracurricular engagements.

And equitable education for girls means that GSL commits special attention to encouraging girls to participate, to become proactive about their learning and to prepare them to be leaders in various fields. It also means recognizing particular needs. GSL is aiming to provide hostels to girls soon. GSL wants to be at the forefront of efforts addressing the state of girls education in the Bahraich district.

Date of Admission
The admission will start from Mar 28th-31st 2016, for students from Nursery to 8th standard.
Entrance Exams
will be held on March, 20th 2016, for students from Nursery to 8th standard.
Prospectus with Application
available from February 20th 2016, for students from Nursery to 8th standard.
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